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Life Line Training – Who are we

Life Line Training & Operations are a growing company with a rapidly expanding reputation for delivering training services at exceptionally high standards, always exceeding our customer expectations.

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LLTO have adequate employer, Indemnity and professional insurance in place so our customers are also protected against any unsolicited claims.

Employer - £10,000,000

Professional - £1,000,000

Public and Products - £10,000,000

Delivery of Training methods

Our customers are from a vast range of sector backgrounds which include the Welsh Government, large private companies, charities, government funded organisations ( for individuals looking to get back into work or gain confidence and acquire new skills), to dentists surgeries and councils to name but a few, sp we ensure that our trainers have the ability and experience to adapt their delivering methods towards diverse audiences.


LLTO are company that is classed and rated as the best with our new and existing clientele as well as individual learners.

Customer services

We are a company that maintains lifetime working relationships with our new and existing customers by delivering incomparable customer services and training, we don’t just promise to respond to queries within 24 hours we actually put this to action.

Our Trainers

All our trainers are outsourced using our strict checking methods to ensure they have a current DBS in place are respectful, approachable, friendly and supportive to create an atmosphere where learners feel relaxed and happy to be taught, but to also be mindful to all individual skill levels and abilities whilst promoting equality and diversity.

LLTO works with our clientele in allocating trainers they are happy with (subject to holidays sickness) on a regular basis.

Pass Rate

LLTO is a company with a 100% pass rate due to the fact that no one fails our qualifications, we ensure that learners achieve a certificate of achievement for what they are able to do – we believe this instils confidence in learners unable to achieve full qualifications

We believe in involving our customers in the development of bespoke course for their sector requirements.

Value added services

LLTO work alongside our stakeholders in developing bespoke courses at no extra cost (Free of charge), along with adapting current course criteria (LLTO qualification only) to reflect companies requirements again, free of charge.

Loyalty and Rewards

LLTO doesn’t just take, we reward out most loyal customers in a number of ways including paying back money into charities, offering discounted prices and recommendations along with offering free course add ons (subject to amount of work we obtain).

No Contract

Customers not happy with any of our services have absolutely no obligation to keep using our services and are free to go back to previous training providers.

Course choice

See our ever-expanding list of courses we are able to provide with more coming soon.


Take a look at what some of our new and existing clientele have to say about us on our testimonials page.

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