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Conflict Management

  • Risk Assessment for Workplace Violence
  • Dynamic Risk Assessment (risk assessment used as the situation dramatically unfolds
  • The Law relating to violence and your rights to protect yourself and others (Use of Force)
  • Avoiding Conflict – Self Awareness (how our two minds operate)
  • Fight or Flight (natural responses)
  • Emotional hijack (consequences when we react to quickly)
  • Triggers and Inhibitors
  • Stimulus and Response (escalating and de-escalating violence)
  • Proactive Service (managing customers expectations)
  • Controlling Body Language
  • Flashpoints
  • Attitude and behaviour Cycle
  • Communication Skills
  • The Many Blocks to Communication
  • How to Signal Non Aggression
  • Strategies for Defusing and Calming Aggressive Behaviour
  • High Levels of Empathy
  • Post Incident Considerations (How people are affected by violence)
  • Learning from Incidents (sharing good practice)